DanceWriting Shorthand

DanceWriting Shorthand enables the writer to write movement at the speed it occurs. Similar to a secretarial shorthand, it is a shortened version of the stick figure, that, with special training, is written without looking at the hands. An entire solo dance can be captured in "first-draft" form using the Shorthand. The Shorthand notes are later transcribed into detailed DanceWriting. Once one is skilled in Dance Writing, it takes about 20 hours of special training to learn the Shorthand. In the late 1970's, hundreds of dance students in the Boston Conservatory of Music's Dance Department learned the Shorthand with success. Below, to the right, is an example of the Shorthand:

Detailed DanceWriting (left) and DanceWriting Shorthand (right). pdf file...
DanceWriting Brochure